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Sensei Chris Schroeder

Sensei Chris Schroeder

Sensei Chris Schroeder is a behavior consultant and dog trainer with North Shore Animal League America. Chris is a veteran of the United States military forces (Navy) and has worked as a field training officer and member of the special operations response team for one of the most dangerous prisons in America. He has been training, competing and teaching men, women and children in the martial arts for over 20 years. As an instructor, Chris has conducted seminars to the community on a broad range of topics to include child abduction prevention to healthy lifestyle choices.

He volunteers alongside his wife at local shelters evaluating dogs with problem behaviors and setting forth modification protocols. A strict believer in “exercise promotes stability”, he would design exercise regimens according to the breed and visit these dogs on a regular basis to ensure their release of negative energy. He also has volunteered his knowledge to families in the community with dogs who had behavior issues and were close to being abandoned or re-homed.

Sensei Chris is an accomplished Martial Artist who has been training since 1984. He has won First Place and Grand Champion in many local and national tournaments. Besides his dedicated training as a student, Sensei Chris is also a dedicated and accomplished instructor with plenty of positive energy to motivate everyone to work their hardest – and to enjoy it! We are very excited to have him on the Epic Martial Arts Teaching Team!